Cloud Services

The cloud is the next wave in computing

Put simply, cloud computing is using IT as a service rather than having to run your own hardware, software and IT team. When it comes to running websites / web applications on the cloud then what we do is remove the concept of servers. Our cloud infrastructure is capable of running the most demanding sites - it can automatically scale and automatically heal itself. There is no more managing servers or resources - simply put your application on the cloud and we run it, no matter what the demand.

Our entry level hosting, your website / web application runs on our cloud platform with other websites. Don't think we go easy on performance; our cloud is designed to perform and then some. Fixed price, stable platform, perfect for small-medium traffic level websites.

Your own dedicated cloud network, built to run your site no matter what. It will auto-scale, auto-heal and cope with anything you can throw at it. Even better, we can build applications to harness the full might of Thunderstorm.

Your own emails in the cloud, no hardware to buy and maintain. Let us take care of everything for a simple monthly cost. Google Apps, Exchange or standard email - we have a package for everyone.