Using Sigma

Getting Started


The first thing you will need to do before setting up Sigma is enable API access in your FreeAgent account if you haven't already:

  1. Login to your FreeAgent account
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Under 'Integrations', click 'API & Feeds'
  4. Click 'Enable access' if API access is currently disabled

Once this is done, next you need to authorise Sigma to use your FreeAgent account.

Authorising Sigma

You only need to authorise Sigma once

If you haven't already, download and install Sigma. Once Sigma is installed on your dashboard, hover over the widget to show the 'i' button:

Sigma - Settings button

Click this to show the settings.

Click 'Begin Authorisation', this will open up your web browser and take you to FreeAgent. Login to FreeAgent, you will then be asked if you want to allow Sigma access to your FreeAgent account.

Click 'Authorise', you are then sent to our Sigma page which will communicate with FreeAgent, and then present you with an access token:

Sigma - Access token

Select this token by clicking 'Select Token', then copy the token ('Edit' --> 'Copy').

Go back to Dashboard and paste the token into FreeAgent, then click 'Test Token', if all is good the token will turn green, or red if there is a problem.

Congratulations, your now set up to start using Sigma.

Widget Overview

Sigma - Interface overview

  1. Timesheet button: Shows the timesheet panel. Unless you encounter an error and need to return to the timesheet panel, this isn't any use at present.
  2. Add timesheet row: Adds a new timesheet row to Sigma, allowing you to simultaneously track time on another project / task. Maximum of three at the moment.
  3. Remove timesheet row: Removes a timesheet row from Sigma. (Don't worry if you remove one accidentally, the time is recovered when the row is re-added).
  4. Synchronisation button: Gets your contacts and projects from FreeAgent (useful if there are new contacts / projects Sigma doesn't know about) and refreshes the data held by Sigma.
  5. Settings: Shows Sigma's settings.
  6. Contacts: All your active contacts are listed here
  7. Projects: Lists all the active projects for the selected contact
  8. Tasks: Lists all the active tasks for the selected project
  9. Add contact: Shows the panel for adding a new contact to FreeAgent
  10. Add project: Shows the panel for adding a new project to FreeAgent.
  11. Add task: Shows the panel for adding a new tasks to FreeAgent.
  12. Hours: Current tracked hours, click to edit.
  13. Minutes: Current tracked minutes, click to edit.
  14. Seconds: Current tracked seconds.
  15. Start: Starts the timer
  16. Pause: Pauses the time
  17. Post: Shows the post panel to post the current time to the selected contact / project / task
  18. Reset: Resets the timer

Main Features

Tracking Time

  • Click the start button to start tracking time
  • Click the pause button to stop tracking time
  • Click the reset button to reset the tracked time
  • Click or double click the hours and minutes to manually adjust – edit them just like a textbox

Posting time

  • Ensure you at least a minute and no more than 24 hours to post
  • Select the contact / project / task to post to
  • Click the post button
  • Enter some comments (optional)
  • Click 'Post'
  • Your time is reset and the main panel shown on success

Adding a contact

  • Click the add contact button
  • Enter an organisation name and/or a first name and surname
  • Click 'Save'
  • Your contact is selected and the main panel shown on success

Adding a project

  • Select the contact to add the project to
  • Click the add project button
  • Enter a project name, budget (optional) and normal billing rate (optional)
  • Click 'Save'
  • The project is selected and the main panel shown on success

Adding a task

  • Select the project to add the task to
  • Click the add task button
  • Enter a task name, select whether the task is billable and enter your billing rate (optional); the shown billing rate is taken from the project
  • Click 'Save'
  • The task is selected and the main panel shown on success