Need a quick and easy way to track time and record time? Why not try Sigma - a Mac OSX Dashboard widget that records and posts time to FreeAgent.

Sigma works with FreeAgent (a fantastic online accounting and billing system - we don't usually plug things, but we love doing our books now!), allowing you to record time spent on projects and post it straight to FreeAgent. Start and pause the stopwatch across multiple projects, or just enter / adjust the time manually. Then post the time straight to FreeAgent with the click of a simple button. Sigma boasts some great features:

  • Simple, sleek and intuitive interface - documentation available
  • Start, stop and post time simultaneously against multiple projects
  • Create new tasks, projects and contacts
  • Enter comments against each post
  • Works with FreeAgent's new API meaning your username and password are not stored by the widget and that it will continue to work when the old API is switched off
  • Crash protection; even though Mac's never crash ;), if the unthinkable was to happen your time would be restored on start up. Your time is also restored if you shut down or restart your computer.
  • Retina enabled; Sigma will look great on your shiny new MacBook (don't worry - it will also look great on non-retina Macs)
  • Time rounding; have a minimum time charge? Let Sigma round for you, or record actual time.

If all that isn't good enough; Sigma is completely free - all we ask is if you haven't yet signed up for FreeAgent use the link below, we will both get 10% off our subscription!

FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting

Any feedback, opinions or questions let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear what you think.

Sigma clock icon is by Richard Tabor of

  • Sigma - Time tracking widget for FreeAgent
  • Sigma - Time tracking widget for FreeAgent
Time tracking widget for Mac OSX
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