A new, better Arrow

The new Arrow website has been officially launched today, including a complete re-brand of our image. Our new identity better reflects what Arrow is all about - web development - this is our core strength so it was key to get this message across. The new site has been in the making for a while as I wanted to ensure our new cloud hosting platform was ready to coincide with the launch. The Arrow site is the first to venture onto Thunderstorm, which is testament to the confidence I have in the strength of our new platform. We'll be writing a blog post on what makes this platform so groundbreaking and the benefits it brings.

The site is a major step forward from our previous site both in aesthetics and content. The new site highlights the services that Arrow can deliver and it's also much more appealing visually, mobile friendly and includes a few bits to visually "show off" (our top bar springs to mind!). It brings together everything we've learnt over the past few years - from HDPI enabled graphics, a responsive layout, cloud based architecture, performance tuning and automated deployment to name but a few.

We really hope you enjoy the new look! If you have any feedback I would love to hear from you!