Sigma - Time tracking widget

Today we launched Sigma; a Mac OSX Dashboard widget that records and posts time to FreeAgent (although you can use it to just track time without FreeAgent).

Sigma was born from a frustration with time sheets and not always remembering to fill them in; it was also troublesome to jump between projects and still record time accurately. So I decided to develop a widget to track time with a simple button to post the time to FreeAgent.

The technology behind a widget is familiar to anyone with web experience; it's built using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It was a little like going back in time when I was hard coding HTML and CSS; luckily you are able to include jQuery otherwise I may have struggled with the JavaScript!

The first prototype was completed within a few weeks; it was good enough for internal use but could use a lot more polish to finish it off. During this time FreeAgent released a new API version, which meant re-writing a lot of the core functionality. It also needed a new supporting web application to deal with the authentication side.

This new version was then refined further and further, introducing new features such as contact, project and task creation - and my favourite; crash protection. I kept turning off the computer / restarting / running out of battery and this lost the time. So now Sigma remembers your time even when you switch off.

Finally arriving at the finished product (although there is room for a lot more features), which we are releasing free of charge. So if your running Mac OSX and use FreeAgent you can download Sigma from the project page.